Public Health Criticism

I am seeing a lot of ridiculous criticism of local establishments in the county, as well as criticism of the health department. I am sharing a response I made to a recent post:

We have had the most positive cooperation from all of our establishments in county when we meet personally with them to discuss how they can serve the public safely. Our Environmental Specialist, along with the current administrator have spent hours working with all businesses to meet he public need for service, as well safety, I am proud of our business owners who are working hard to meet he needs of the public while complying with health and safety guidelines.

I am very proud of ALL county establishments who have complied with our recommendations to continue to provide services in compliance with our recommendations. All of the health department staff have worked diligently with everyone to address their concerns to meet safety protocols while trying to keep their business open to serve the needs of the public.

For people to make uniformed statements of criticism is unfair to all the business owners who are working very hard to survive in these trying difficult times. To criticize the health department staff after they all have put in long hours completing stressful investigations advising business establishments and individual to meet public safety needs is unnecessarily cruel and divisive.

I encourage people to reconsider their attacks on those who are trying to help the public, and avoid political rhetoric. Look at your community partners and appreciate all we are doing to help. Become part of the solution. We welcome you to help us.