Current testing number for Ste. Genevieve County as of April 2, 2020

Current testing numbers for Ste Genevieve County as of 4:45 pm April 2, 2020

Tested: 91
Negative: 52
Positive: 6
Pending: 33
Deaths: 0

We would like to provide an explanation of the protocol for anyone who has been in contact with a positive case.
1. We receive a PUI form (person under investigation) for everyone who is tested
2. They are required to stay home on quarantine
3. We call to monitor symptoms daily
4. If the test is negative, they are off quarantine, and we stop monitoring
5. If the test is positive, we obtain a list of all their close contacts
6. We call every contact to each positive case and place them on quarantine and monitoring for two weeks
7. If two weeks pass, and no symptoms develop, quarantine is complete.
Not everyone needs to be tested. As much as we would like to test everyone, this would not be a good use of the limited resources.

The problems we are dealing with in the community are questions of concern for a person who was a contact to a person, who was a contact to a positive case. There is a chain of exposure we investigate, and there is an extended chain of a maybe exposure we do not investigate but will if that person moves closer to a positive contact in the chain.

For example: If a company releases a letter that says an employee is being monitored or quarantined, it does not mean that the whole company has been exposed. This information may be provided as a compliance to company policy.

As always, practice good hygiene and safe social distancing.

There are two websites that provide very good information:

Missouri DHSS Coronavirus Information

CDC Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We are experiencing a new territory in public health and are still navigating the ever changing situation. Even the perfect preparedness plan is tried and tested in this current pandemic.