Adult Vaccine Fast Facts

SEMO Student post            If you (or someone you know) have not received all of your adult vaccinations, this article is for you! Have you received your shingles, flu, TDap, and pneumococcal vaccinations? If you are unsure or have not received any of these vaccines, you should consult with your physician.

            You may be wondering why these vaccinations are so important to not only you, but others as well. The following are some quick facts about how these vaccines can prevent diseases and protect those around you:

-         1 out of 3 people develop herpes zoster in their lifetime. Zostavax vaccine helps to protect you from getting shingles, which is caused by herpes zoster. This vaccine requires physician’s order before administration at the health department.

-         Whooping cough is caused by pertussis, and can affect adults too! It is especially important for adults with young children and grandchildren to be vaccinated, because you could infect your loved ones! The TDap is especially recommended for those who are having new grandchildren, because children are especially vulnerable for the 6 months of life.

-         A common misconception is that the flu shot can give you the flu. THIS IS NOT TRUE. According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, the only difference in side effects from people who received the flu shot and people who received a shot of simple salt water was that the flu shot made their arm more sore and red. There was NO difference in flu-like symptoms (body ache, fever, cough, runny nose, or sore throat).

-         900,000 Americans get pneumococcal pneumonia each year, and 5-7% die from it. The pneumococcal vaccine can also help protect you against ear infection, meningitis, and sepsis.  This vaccine requires physician’s order before administration at the health department.