2016 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween PictureIt’s that time again for all the ghost and goblins to return to town. Pumpkins and cornstalks have made their way to the community and it’s hard to ignore the surplus amounts of candy being stocked in the store isles. Halloween is right around the corner and for so many children in the area it is one of their favorite nights of the year.

St. Gen Health Department has some helpful pointers when it comes to keeping your kids safe this Halloween season.

* Light up your night: As the season gets closer the sun sets earlier in the evening. It is important to make sure your children and family are well lit and able to be seen. If you are walking it can be easy as carrying a flashlight with you or even wearing some type of reflecting clothing.

* Pay attention to your surroundings: The universal sign to welcome trick-or-treaters is to leave a front porch light on or have the area by the front door lit. Do not allow children to venture unattended to a house without any lights on.

* Plan your route ahead of time: Often times if a family is going to an unfamiliar subdivision they may try to walk from house to house. If you plan the trip ahead of time you will eliminate the chance of you getting lost in the dark.

* Pick a costume that will survive the night: trick-or-treating often times requires a lot of walking so make sure your children have dependable shoes on and that their costume does not cause them to trip.

* Check the candy: Parents you want to make sure your children are not indulging in anything harmful when they eat their Halloween candy. Check the packaging to see if it has been damaged and do not allow children to eat anything that has been opened or looks like it has been tampered with.